Beauty: Shine bright like an uninteresting textbook.

I have been lusting after Gamma for such a long time now that I was so happy to receive it in a 5 products mystery box that I purchased from Debenhams (£36 originally, down to £10.50 in the blue cross sale).

The colour itself is not quite what I had imagined…

Gamma by Illamasqua
Gamma by Illamasqua

The photo does not do the polish justice for how neon and insane it is. It is exact match for orange pen highlighters.


Nope. My terrible skills do not do this justice. However, it does need two coats to become opaque, [my other favourite polishes are opaque with one coat] and it did start to glob a little bit in the heat which none of my other Illamasqua polishes have done.

Rating:  3 / 5 stars. The initial streaky first coat was not promising and it smudges terribly until dry. Nonetheless, when this polish is on, it’s on.


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