Literature: Silver Shadows is out today!

No exciting content today people because I am busy. Why do you ask? Well, firstly, I have an appointment, and then secondly, Silver Shadows, aka book 5 of Richelle Mead’s incredibly successful Bloodlines series, is out today!

Isn’t it pretty?

Intelligent and well written, Bloodlines is really a gem of the genre and sub-genre — I’ve got nothing but good things to say about this series. I’ll will probably get more into it with my review but I just wanted to say how atypical these books are in comparison to other things I’ve read. I particularly enjoy how Mead mirrors racial issues in our society not just socially but fundementally [vampires are considered abominations by the alchemists] so they’re surprisingly thought provoking when you get into them.

Rating [my excitement]: 5 / 5. Wouldn’t miss it.


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