Rec: Tea Party.

Costa's Large Lemon Iced Tea
Costa’s Large Lemon Iced Tea – £3.

I like coffee as much as the next person, heck, a Starbucks Mocha Frappe is my jam. But since the introduction of their summer addition, the Mocha Coconut Frappe, I am less than inclined to risk potential death if someone doesn’t clean the blender properly.* So what is a girl to do when she’s hot, thirsty and vaguely annoyed at inconsiderate shoppers? She grabs an iced tea. Iced tea on its own can be a bit bitter but the lemon syrup adds a hint of sweetness that just refreshes you without being overpowering, and because it’s poured over a whole cup of ice this baby is guaranteed to cool you off in the heat. But if lemon really isn’t your thing, I am told by a friend who works in Costa that the Peach Iced Tea is also pretty fly for a summer siesta, or you could go classic and just have tea by itself if you’re feeling radical.

Rating: 4.5 / 5 stars. King of the summer drink in my opinion and a lovely change from feeling like I’m about to vibrate into another dimension if I have more than one.

(*coconuts are my nemesis and will induce anaphylactic shock.)


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