Rec: Relax and become Zen.

Candles are a must for me. They help me to decompress and be a less stressy nelly but they also smell really good which is always a plus in my book. That being said, Glade candles in my opinion can do no wrong.

Glade's Relaxiny Zen Scented Candle.
Glade’s Relaxing Zen Scented Candle.

Stocked in Tesco, Wilkos, Savers, Sainsbury’s etc.

They say they burn for 30 hours and that’s what they do. Their scents are rich and light and not at all overpowering and considering their price bracket they are a cut above the rest when it comes to giving off scents while not burning. I’ve had over 10 so far and my favourite scents include this one, With Love, Bali Sandalwood and Jasmine and Honey and Chocolate. A real pick me up for a great price.

Rating: 4.5 / 5. Only downside to these is they don’t always burn evenly in the jar and it bugs me.

[Priced at around £4.85 normally, they’re on sale quite frequently at around £2.00-£2.50.]


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