Lifestyle: DIY Decorating.

There was a reason why I didn’t have a post up yesterday and I might not for the next couple of days (no time to queue!); are you ready? Yeah? It’s because I’m engaged in DIY decorating.

What is that you ask? Well, I take one whole room and I revamp it from start to finish in a week. That means I put up blinds/curtain rails, fill in holes [if required], paint skirting boards/ceilings/doors/walls before assembling flat pack furniture like it’s my day job. Honestly, it’s a very rewarding but exhausting experience to see a room to change so dramatically so quickly – it’s not a task for the faint hearted – plus it’s very satisfying  to get physical and actually build things, feels a little victorious, y’know. I will definitely take some after photos when the room is finished but until then I guess I’ll just have to be incognito.

If there’s a movie review or book review (after my Silver Shadows review) that you’d like to see in the future, drop me a comment or an email at inspiredphilosophy @ gmail.

Until then, adieu.

[This post was written very late at night and will probably have the typos to prove it so I do ask you to excuse them.]


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