Rec: Retro Fizz.

Do you like gummy cola bottles? Of course you do, everyone does. Well, let me tell you: Fentimans have bottled that taste in their Curiosity Cola.

Fentimans's Curiosity Cola.
Fentimans‘s Curiosity Cola.

My first Fentimans was actually their Rose Lemonade because it was sold on my university campus and it was such a refreshing alternative to sickly sweet and caffeinated fizzy drinks I was used to*. So I steadily worked my way around town finding more and more variations such as Victorian Lemonade, traditional lemonade with a kick so hard that you’ll feel it in your throat, and Curiosity Cola. Instant gummy bears. But also no slick of sugar on my tongue because the botanically brewed cola is made with ginger and it gives a cleaner, sharper taste than its more common counterparts.

Now, health wise this drink is not some saintly nectar with zero calories and restorative properties but it is better for you as it doesn’t contain aspartame if you’re worried about that sort of thing.

Not only that, Fentimans has even more kinds of drinks which you can find out about on their website. Stockists include (to my knowledge): Harrods, Amazon, Waitrose and Tesco. Tesco currently has a 750ml bottle for £2.09 and Amazon does the best price by the case.

Pour it over ice and enjoy.

*I was probably the only person who drank one energy drink my whole time at university but I did drink a lot of coffee and coke.


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