Lifestyle: Linen Lux.


Star Lytes Luxurious Linen candle.

I love my candles I really do but I’m not going to break the bank on them, sorry Yankee Candle maybe I’ll get you for Christmas, regardless,  when I saw this large jar candle for a bargain £3.99 in QD, I was into it. I’ve burnt it a few times over the last week for a few hours and I’ve barely made a dent in it, actually make that no dent so it wins on the cost effective scale. Comparatively, this doesn’t give off as much of a scent as Glade candles do but I can burn this for a lot longer if I want without feeling like I’m getting high on fumes. The smell is light and clean and a lot like a fresh batch of clean washing which, to me, is one of the best scents out there. As far as candles go, it is aesthetically pleasing and room matching (monochrome baby, monochrome), and I was pleasantly surprised with the quality of this candle. So a sincere recommendation from me.

Rating: 4 / 5 stars. I’m not convinced I’ll get an even burn with this candle and it is one of those pet peeves that I can’t shake. Also the need to trim the wick all the time, lest we risk a fire hazard, is a bit of a bummer but this is still a great candle for a great price.


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