Fashion: Converse Convert.

If there were an alter of shoes that I could pray to it would be Converse. I live in these babies and I have done since my teen years.

I’m not precious about footwear, I mean I like shoes and have them in abundance, but I don’t spend a lot on them – I practically live in £8.99 ballet flats/sandals from New Look when not in Converse – I prefer to hunt in the sales (I got a gorgeous pair of smart ankle boots for 60% off in my last go around) but I believe in investing in Converse. I don’t have to spend a whole bunch of time trying on and trying to gauge if they’re going to rub or pinch or give me fat ankles. Yes, I have an irrational fear of cankles despite having quite proportionally small joints. But still, what other brand of shoe could you receive a pair at 17 and still be using them 8 years later? None I tell you. The only reason I’ve gotten rid of a pair of Converse is because my feet got too big for them.

Nonetheless, I don’t have a vast collection. I have black high tops (happy 17th birthday!), purple canvas shoes (happy 22nd birthday!), mint green high tops (last years ASOS summer sale) and now these babies:

pinkconverseConverse All Star Ox Plimsoles (canvas shoes) from ASOS.

I hadn’t intended on buying them but I had wanted a pair for so long and ASOS is currently having an up to 70% sale off and these were £27 instead of £45. But here’s a tip: if you’re buying gender neutral Converse, go to the men’s section of any sale before you go to the ladies. Smaller sizes go slower than larger ones so you’re more likely to get the shoes you want.

I can almost feel the OOTD of the day coming with these puppies. I’ve got the perfect pink midi dress for them. You cannot sell me on a shoe better than these.

Rating: 5 / 5. Will always buy. Love them irrationally. I love them so much sentences fail me.


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