Food: A pot of not quite gold.

I love udon noodles. Put me in the vicinity of any Japanese restaurant and I will order them, although I do prefer yaki udon to kake udon. Nevertheless, I endeavour to enjoy all the kinds of udon available to me, so when I saw this in Sainsbury’s, I was ready to enjoy the udon experience.

itsu noodle pot from Sainsbury's [£2.49 per pot]
             Itsu noodle pot from Sainsbury’s [£2.49 per pot]

This did…not live up to my expectations. I enjoyed the concept because I love noodle pots from EAT but this was all wrong. The spices were more Italian than Indian, the herbs got stuck in my throat at varying intervals and made me sneeze a lot and honestly, who eats as much as they give you with these pots? Honestly. I actually left half of this, came back to it the next day and reheated it and it had no ill effects on the taste so that’s a plus. I guess it wasn’t an awful experience but it was definitely lacking.

Rating: 2 / 5. Excellent in theory, terrible in execution. Maybe you will enjoy it more than I did.


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