Review: Captain America: The Winter Soldier (2014).

CA: TWS [Blu ray/DVD released Monday 18th August 2014]
[Blu ray/DVD   released Monday 18th August 2014]

I don’t know if it was luck of the draw or a big cock up on Amazon’s part (it wouldn’t be the first time) but my Blu Ray copy of Captain America: The Winter Soldier arrived in the post this morning (Sun 17/08) and my mum was so excited to see it – she’s been jonesing for it for about three weeks – that we sat down and watched it this afternoon. 

To say I love Captain America would be an understatement but why might surprise you. He is my favourite type of character: he’s the stalwart hero trying to do good in a terrible world without ever being corrupted by it. I find moral ambiguity interesting but it doesn’t attract me like true right for right’s sake. Heck, Clark Kent has been my idol since I was 4. Er, may have gone a little of piste there but you have to understand where my burning love for this human is derived. Steve, in times of crisis, is very much that same little guy that didn’t like bullies no matter where they came from but he is also carved from shades of battle. The scene in the lift where he asks them if they’d like to leave — perfection. Steve is not surprised by Man’s ability to create war or reasons to fight each other, he’s just disappointed that this is the same shit different day 70 years later. His journey in this movie was to come out of the war and being a soldier to a commander who can really lead (foreshadowing his leader of the Avengers status?). Steve has let a lot of stuff fly because he was re-acclimating but he’s done now and he’s ready to lay down the [legal] law of what’s right. Be still my beating heart, I do love a hero.

Total fangirl moment: iconic imagery of Captain America jumping off the plane trying to prevent him from leaving S.H.I.E.L.D. The whole crucifix shape he makes before he lands and curls up on himself? Straight out of the comic books. Loved it.

Gripes: They call this The Winter Soldier but this is very little to do with Bucky at all. But I suppose Captain America and the Evil Plan of Dick Pierce/CA: Hail Hydra doesn’t have quite the same ring to it. I expect there to be oodles of Bucky in the next film…or I’ll cry. Oh and the reduction of Sharon Carter’s role. Emily Van Camp is an excellent actress and I’m sad they didn’t use her more. Or even introduce her properly. *raises eyebrow* 

Overall Rating: 4 / 5. Chris Evans? Insanely talented, love him, one of my favourite actors/humans. His earnestness is one of those inherent Steve qualities that can’t be faked, not really, and it’s a joy to watch him. Oh and I love the dynamic duo of Steve and Sam, the bromance is strong in them, hellooooo Cap 3. But seriously, slap me down and call me nobody if they don’t make a Black Widow movie after this. Scarlet just owes Natasha’s mystique and her burgeoning friendship with Steve – you get the sense in this movie that she’s never had a friend like Steve, someone who would hold her accountable in a way that makes her examine her life choices. On top of all that, with the reintroduction of Bucky as TWS, I’d love to see her take him on in her own movie.

CA: TWS had the potential to be a really freakin’ hardcore favourite of mine and don’t get me wrong, I do love it, but it just lacked the life experience I wanted from this movie. We were ping pong balled through the action so much I don’t think some parts were allowed to breathe properly. Worth a punt but spring for the DVD over the Blu ray unless you’re a hardcore fan.


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