Beauty: Scented Princess (a look at my high end perfume collection).

Vera Wang: Rock Princess 50ml, Princess 30ml, Princess Mini Rollerball, Bouquet 50ml.
Vera Wang: Rock Princess 50ml, Princess 30ml, Princess Mini Rollerball, Bouquet 50ml.

Someone once said to me: “Find your fragrance and wear it everyday, you’ll always feel good.”

Perfume is one of those unseen things that just invites you in when you talk to a person. I don’t mean I want every person I meet to be doused in £70 eau de parfum but I do get a hint of pleasure when I smell a nice smell curling around somebody.

For me, the fragrance that has always fit me is Vera Wang‘s Princess. It’s fruity and, to some people, sickly sweet but when it mixes with my body chemistry I feel amazing. My friends tell me I smell good, strangers tell me I smell good, this is a good thing. So naturally, I have a certain amount of brand loyalty and it was never intended this way, it’s just Vera Wang works for me. My other two perfumes are Rock Princess and Bouquet*. The holy trinity. I repurchase and recycle these babies to suit my mood and I’m ecstatic with them.

My question is: what is your ‘holy grail’ perfume/aftershave/scent? Do you wear it everyday or just for special occasions? Or is there simply something you have your eye on to try?

*Just to give you an idea: Rock Princess is a much richer and muskier smelling perfume, perfect for evenings out or feeling spectacular in your sassiest dress. Bouquet, originally part of a bridal range, on the other hand, is more floral and fresh smelling and I consider it to be my ‘grown up’ perfume. Appropriate for any occasion, this puppy almost beats out Princess as my fave, if only I didn’t have so many good memories attached to the latter. 😛


6 thoughts on “Beauty: Scented Princess (a look at my high end perfume collection).

  1. Carmel Keogh says:

    Has Vera Wang Bouquet been discontinued? Wore it on my wedding day and still love it. My last bottle 100ml was a gift from my girlfriends but sadly was stolen along with my handbag and purse. I cant seem to find it anywhere now!!


    1. Rae says:

      Oh no! That’s terrible. 😦

      I think it has been discontinued from stores because I can’t get it in Debenhams anymore but you can purchase it from online realtors like or eBay, if you’re looking for a deal.

      I hope that helps. 🙂 ❤ xx


      1. carmel says:

        Oh thank you so much for that. I was sure I wouldn’t be able to get it again! I’m always afraid that websites are never selling the real deal but I’m going to take a chance anyway. Thanks again for your help


      2. Rae says:

        If you’re worried about fakes and stuff, order a small size tester from your chosen site (like this one: from eBay), that way you can be sure you’re getting what you want without handing out loads of cash beforehand. If you’re satisfied, go ahead and make a bigger purchase. With eBay, always pick ones with proper photos, not generic stock photos, get in touch with the seller if you can (if they’re happy to chat they’re more likely to be legit) and pay with PayPal if you can because you can use their resolution centre if you have any problems.

        As long as you’re smart about your shopping, and cautious people are, then you should be okay. 🙂 ❤ xx


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