Rec: My Drunk Kitchen, starring Hannah Hart (+ Tyler Oakley)

The latest episode of My Drunk Kitchen ft. Tyler Oakley. Because of reasons.

No really, I’ve had Hannah Hart on my periphery for years because of being an avid fan of YDAD [Mamrie Hart’s You Deserve a Drink] but I never looked into MDK, don’t know why. But because I’m not feeling so hot (hence stressed panic) I’ve mostly being bumming around sleeping, feeling cold and watching Hannah’s backlog. I may have also picked up her book of the same name because of…reasons.

It’s funny, it reminds me why I don’t cook drunk, or at least without supervision. To cut a long story short: I visited my friend in halls [of residence] and literally 10 drunk people couldn’t figure out after 20 minutes why the chips (fries) were not cooked (Answer: They hadn’t turned the oven on), and I knew I never wanted that to be me. That and I drop stuff all the time sober so I didn’t want to lose a finger. Fun fact: I had to have the top of my finger sewn back on when I was 9 when my mum’s friend’s son accidentally shut my finger in a door. Fun fact, part deux: at parties I ask people to guess which finger it was and then I flip them the bird. They don’t know if I’m joking/being rude/or it’s the truth (Answer: all of the above, and I’ve got the scar tissue and indents to prove it). Aren’t I just a par-tay?!

Leave your recs for your favourite YouTube channels/YouTubers in the comments because I don’t spend enough time on the internet already.


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