Beauty: Rose & Co’s Patisserie de Bain Lemon Bon-Bon lip balm.

My current lip balm, Carmex [‘s Cherry Lip Balm], may have SPF 15 but it also tastes like Vic’s Vapour Rub — something I will not put near my body no matter the congestion. Couple that with the fact that I did not have the required £15 minimum for free delivery from ASOS, it was a recipe for unnecessary purchases. Which if you haven’t realised already, is all my purchases.

But isn’t it pretty?

patisseriedebainRose & Co‘s Patisserie de  Bain Lemon Bon-Bon lip balm, £3, from ASOS.

After I proceeded to accidentally trash the outer packaging, I got to the balm which has a very pleasing citrus scent exactly like lemon bon-bons, which for the record is more clean than bathroom cleaner thankfully. The product itself was clear both in the tube and on the lips, something Carmex was not to my chagrin, like the more you use it the weirder it begins to look…very gross. It applies easy enough without thickening up or getting chunky. How moisturising it is, I don’t know, but it rubs well between the lips, not sticky or overly slick, and doesn’t immediately sink in so it’s obviously doing something. Actually, this would probably make a great base for any matte products like Sleek‘s Matte Me glosses which are so so drying. And on a purely aesthetic note, I really like the packaging. It’s much nicer to grab this out of your bag than Carmex’s garish packaging.

Now, for some people lip balms aren’t something to get overly excited about but I do because I’m allergic to coconuts. Yes. Coconuts. Those hairy beasts that produce coconut oil and pretty much nearly every base for most beauty products ever. You’ll never catch me using Revlon. I don’t think their brand would have a leg to stand on without it. It also makes for a sad life without Ben & Jerry’s (yup, that was a hard one to swallow I tell you). So when I find something good like this that’s relatively cheap, smells good and does its job, I’m happy.

Rating: 4 / 5. A little bit high but I actually hunted around and Rose & Co have a whole range of lemon bon-bon items including candles, sachets (great for undergarment drawers) and hand cream that I am very excited to try. Maybe not hand cream. I can’t stand icky hands. Let’s make it a 4 / 5 for the brand and a 3.5 /5 for the balm with an option to add or subtract 0.5 stars for moisturising capabilities.


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