TV: Veronica Mars Complete DVD + Movie set.



WB’s Veronica Mars: the Complete Collection, £36.07, from Amazon.

I was actually one of the backers who helped the VM Kickstarter reach its $2 million total, and it was a great feeling. What was not a great feeling was the fact that there had NEVER been an English region 2 release. I could watch and love this show but not own it. Enter much sighing. But it was by complete happenstance that I discovered that there had been a region 2 release: this May to coincide with the release of the movie on DVD. It was originally £47 something pounds and that was a bit steep considering I have the movie on iTunes so I left it on my wishlist and came back to it a couple of days later and found it with over £10 knocked off, and I just couldn’t beat the deal.

The DVDs themselves are the slim line versions of the original sets so no new packaging there or features on the DVDs but I’m cool with that. Sometimes I grump about the lack of special features because what’s the point of buying them when I could buy them on iTunes for 100% less space in my house but I am really okay with the lack here. I’m just happy to get my hands on this.

Rating: 5 / 5 rating. Veronica Mars is one of the very few ‘detective’ shows I’ve ever gotten into an really loved. Her sarcasm and no effs given attitude is perfect and I’d recommend this series to anyone who hasn’t see it.


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