Food: Vitamin Highya!

If there was anything I learned from my poor health these past few weeks is that I am not as kind to my body as I should be. I eat healthy meals of course. I love salad and healthy food but I had a caffeine dependency that was shocking and a tendency to eat chocolate as a pick me up when the caffeine wasn’t doing it. However, that’s all changed. I am 19 days caffeine free and I’ve knocked down my sugar intake to barely anything at all.

So if I don’t drink my favourite iced lemon tea or mocha frappe, what does new health conscious Rae drink? Lots of water…and all those herbal teas I’m constantly buying. Chamomile is lovely, Waitrose spiced apple is nice but not very strong, and any of the Twinings fruit/herbal teas are a definite fave (blackcurrant, ginseng and vanilla might be my no. 1). That being said, I like variety and I like to think that I’m continuing to put good things into my body so I was a bit stumped on what drinks I could have. Cue brain wave in the middle of Tesco: I could have a Vitamin Water.

Now Vitamin Water isn’t a new product to me. Any time I felt a cough or the sniffles preparing to attack me at university, I’d go to the bakery we had on campus and grab a ‘Raspberry-Apple’ water. Toted as ‘amaze-zinc’, it is supposed to ‘contribute to the normal function of the immune system’.  With one 500ml bottle containing 150% of the Vitamin C the body needs in a day as well as other healthy vitamins (B3, B5, vitamin B6 and zinc), the thought of drinking it was a helluva placebo effect if nothing else.

Glacéau Vitamin Water, £1.39 each or 2 for £2 in Tesco‘s currently.

Taste-wise, it’s entirely pleasant, fruity but not overpoweringly so, whereas others of its kind are, in my opinion, watery and foul imitations of nice tasting things. Ick. Definitely tastes best chilled though. It’s not particularly sweet (65kcal per 500ml) either but it doesn’t lack for it, so even if you replace just one coffee for this, your body will thank you.

Rating: 4 / 5 stars. Nice as it is, it’s never going to be a lemon iced tea, but I am more than willing to substitute one for the other.


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