Lifestyle: Cloven hoof of foul tastes.

I found out that that horrible burning sensation when I brushed my teeth was not in fact normal (but something I managed with for 25 years). I am in fact allergic to peppermint oil. This meant a large overhaul of products ranging from toothpaste to face wash (S&G, I’m so sad) to drinks.

Now, I could cope with the change to the Colgate Herbal toothpaste which is a radioactive sort of green colour and tastes like Olbas Oil. What I was not expecting was this:

Dentyl Active Fresh Clove Mouthwash, £3.29 from Boots.

I bought this because it was the only non-minty mouthwash I could find without my glasses on, and boy, am I paying for it now. If you didn’t know, clove oil is a great natural remedy for toothache because it numbs the area (and is quite antiseptic) but it tastes like nothing on this Earth so I can’t even begin to explain to you how terrible it is. It tastes like one of the nine circles of Hell. Maybe even one of Lucifer’s mouths because I sure as hell feel betrayed.

Nonetheless, I must conclude this whole diatribe on taste with the acknowledgement that this product works. It is a great mouthwash and does that cool thing where you can see what comes out of your mouth when you spit it into the sink. It’s not particularly swishy though so it takes a bit of effort to get it into all the corners of your mouth.

Rating: 3.5 / 5 stars for the product. I don’t get that whoosh clean feeling in my mouth but I like it well it enough.

– 5 / 5 for taste. For you mint lovers out there I’m sure that version of this product is amazing and you should definitely get it. I know I’d choose it if I could.


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