Food: Late Lunch.

I just wanted to show you guys the lovely meal I had when I went out with my best friend on Friday because it was one of the best things I’ve had in a while. Maybe not as good as sweet potato mash from Nando’s but pretty good.


Lunch at Giraffe [Westfield, Stratford London] on 26th September 2014.

I think I actually have dreams about Giraffe‘s chicken potstickers, they’re so tasty. With an orange, carrot and miso glaze they’re just a little bit tangy but you can spice them up with the side of chilli infused soy.  For my main, I went for the ‘Simply Grilled Salmon’ which was a departure for me because I generally always have the Thai duck stir fry which my bestie is having, she’s the one with the chopsticks by the way. 😉 But it promised a mango, pineapple and roasted red pepper salsa that sounded too appetising to pass up. I was originally going to get it with mash but then I saw that they did sweet potato fries as a side and I knew I wanted them — actually me and Laura ended up sharing them they were that good. The salmon was beautifully cooked and it was such a good piece of fish because I don’t season my food except for a bit of pepper on my soup sometimes and this fish was so flavourful without it. The skin, which I don’t eat but I ate a bit by accident, was crunchy and actually pretty nice. Even the salad was amazing, with long stripes of carrot, cucumber and red pepper and fresh baby leaf, it was drizzled with a light vinaigrette that just made something that should have been really boring, really yummy.

Since I’m suffering from a bit of sensitivity from a recent trip to the dentist (Monday) and having an appointment with the hygienist (today, Saturday), I just had a cup of chamomile tea to drink but none of that stopped me from sharing a slice of key lime pie. Light, refreshing and super tasty, it was a lovely way to end the meal. I highly recommend this restaurant as the service is always great, the food is brilliant and well priced, and I just really love the atmosphere of these restaurants (I’ve been in a few.  Okay, a lot.)

Rating: 4 / 5 stars. Only gave it four because I have a lot of restaurants I love (Wahaca, Café Rouge come to mind) and so I’m saving the 5 star rating for something that truly blows me away.


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