Work out #1

To say I neglect my exercise responsibilities – and it is a responsibility: to my body and to my mental health – is an understatement.

But, no more.

I have a plan.

I will work out Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays to begin with and increase as my fitness grows.

My exercise of choice? At the moment, I like dance work out DVDs. I bought a couple from the Ministry of Sound and they are great little cardio numbers for beginners. I do want to go running/do weights at the gym, but I feel like my cardio is where it’s at for right now. Cardio gives me the biggest health benefits: I feel happier, I feel like I did more, I feel good.

I don’t need a before and after picture for right now because this isn’t about weight, it’s about life. I want to give myself the best life possible and working out is a part of that.

Outtake: Be careful with dance fitness if you’re uncoordinated. I almost gouged out part of my side and gave myself a honking hand bruise flailing about madly when I hadn’t mastered the steps. 😛


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