Recipe: Healthy Dairy Free Banana Pancakes.

Healthy, clean food is my jam now so I figured I would share some of my findings with you.

instagram: inspiredphilosophy
instagram: inspiredphilosophy

What you will need:

  • 100-110g of bananas (approx. 1 medium sized banana)
  • 2 eggs, normal size.
  • 1 tsp to tbsp (depending on your preference) of cinnamon.
  • A non-stick pan.

Makes approx. 4ish pancakes of a cute stack size. If you track, they’re 259cals.

First, you’re going to want to slice and smoosh those bananas in a bowl. Yup, get them all good. Got it? Good.

Then you’re going to either add your cinnamon in here and stir like crazy or add two eggs and stir like crazy.

Add the ingredient that you didn’t add before and stir.

Heat your pan and pour in enough mixture that satisfies you. Bigger, smaller, your choice.

Check your edges, when they’re firm and you can get your skillet under the pancake, flip it. These things cook quick so you have to watch them. When they’re golden brown (or darker depending on the cinnamon) on both sides, flip them out onto a plate. Yum!

Add syrup/agave nectar/fruit at your own discretion, I personally would add raspberries. Instagram them because they’re going to be hella cute and then enjoy!


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