Okay, for real this time, I’m back.

What has happened in the interim you may ask?

A lot.

  • I’ve lost almost 19lbs.
  • I’ve dropped a dress size, almost two.
  • I’ve lost 21.5 inches from my body.
  • I started yoga.
  • I started kickboxing.
  • I run in the forest when it’s nice.
  • I can plank, side plank, do a modified push up (on my knees), situps, burpees, alternating jump lunges and squats like you wouldn’t believe.
  • I put good food into my body for good results.

My commitment to my new healthier life has been very fruitful. For the first time in my life, I have the beginnings of biceps. Was it hard? Sometimes yeah. Were there days I wanted a cookie I knew was the same caloric intake as a meal? Yes. Did I eat one? No. Did I stop eating chocolate and biscuits either? No. I made it work for me. Just like I made exercise work for me. Kickboxing puts my body through hell twice a week, but I love it. I feel strong and powerful from doing it. Yoga is just as hardcore. The human body is capable of so much if you just put your mind to it. Like, my mind boggles at things I’ve steadily learned to do. I’ve never considered myself particularly sporty and I still don’t, but I’m still capable of doing these awesome things.

I hope you all have remained well while I was away and look forward to speaking to you all soon.



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