Recipe: Autumn Soup.

This serves 6 at 130cals per serving, and it’s vegan friendly.

533g Sweet Potatoes, peeled and diced.

428g Butternut Squash, peeled and diced.

356g Swede/Rutabaga, peeled and diced.

Two vegetable stock cubes to make 900ml of stock.

2 tsps of cayenne pepper.

Take your diced vegetables and put them in a pan with the stock and boil for about 5 minutes before putting a lid on it and simmering for as long as you can. Preferably an hour or so, the butternut/sweet potato should be disintegrating when you stir it with a wooden spoon.

Add in your cayenne and stir, leave to simmer a bit more.

Take off the heat to cool for another hour or so.

You can eat it like this but I put mine through the blender to make it nice and creamy. Pot up into microwave/freezer safe tubs and enjoy it when you want to.

(Sorry there’s no photo, I ate the last of the bowl I had out).


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