Food: Homemade 10” Pizza.

I love pizza, but I’m not keen on the addictive fatty junk food variety that shops sell. You know the ones, they have the grease pools in the pepperoni and the cheese clags in the back of your throat. Therefore, I decided to make my own. Now, I can make my own pizza bases but I liked the idea of using oil instead of butter in the mix, which funnily enough, I had done with cheese scones the day before. So when I was in Sainsbury’s and saw a dry oil based mix for 50p I had to try it.

Sainsbury’s pizza base mix (145g)

3 tablespoons of tomato puree.

50g tomato passata.

75g mature grated cheese/cheese substitute.

60g Fresh Spinach.

55g Baby Plum Tomatoes.

A bit of extra flour for kneading/rolling.

How to:

This pizza base mix uses extra virgin olive oil instead of butter in the mix so it’s a lot healthier and crisps up nicer, in my opinion. All you need is 100ml of lukewarm water to activate the yeast and bind the dry ingredients. Stir with a fork until it has mostly come together and then knead that sucker on a floured surface for 5 minutes. Do not do it for less than five minutes. This makes icky pizza.

Flour your surface again before get a rolling pin, or in my case, a bottle of wine and roll it out as wide and as thin as you like. Set it aside somewhere warm for 15 minutes to prove.

Now mix your tomato puree with your passata. The passata helps to increase the volume of your sauce without piling on even more calories. Puree is frankly teaming with extra calories that no one needs. Spread the sauce evenly over the base while leaving an edge for your ‘crust’.

Sprinkle the grated cheese and then spinach over the sauce, covering as much as you can. I like to slice the plum tomatoes length ways and dot them around the pizza for little bursts of flavour later on.

Bake in the oven on 200 degrees [Fan] for 17 minutes or until golden brown. I put mine on tin foil just so that it’s easier to pick up off of the pizza tray. If you think yours might stick, greaseproof paper it.

Eat fresh or warm up in the microwave for 2 minutes when you’re ready. Feel good food for your tum!



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