Lifestyle: Falling for Apple Pie.

Apple Pie candle by Sainsbury's, £3.
Apple Pie candle by Sainsbury’s, £3.

We don’t have ‘Fall’ here in the same way America does. We don’t get super into pumpkin pie and the smell of fallen leaves on the ground. This makes me sad because we miss out on so many great smelling candles. However, this year Sainsbury’s fulfilled my heart’s desire and had a small range of ‘Fall’ smelling candles, including autumn leaves and pumpkin pie. However, it was the smell of apple that stole my heart. I love apple crumble – not a pastry fan – and nothing smells as good as apples baking in deliciousness. With notes of cinnamon and cardamom it’s rich but light. This candle gives off a good scent as it burns but it doesn’t clog up the room when it isn’t burning and irritate the back of your throat that I’ve noticed some candles do. It is a perfect transitional candle that will lead us right into the lovely smell of Christmas. A definite recommend to anyone looking to spice up a room.



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