When life gives you lemons; grab the tequila.

I hadn’t intended to abandon ship, or blog, as it were. Life got very busy and very complex for me these past few months. Ten. Okay, it was ten months. The blogger gods are disgusted, I know. But with The Big Secret – sorry, I can’t repeat it in case extraneous family members find this blog via my instagram – and my father’s declining health and the general metaphorical bird shit that gets piled on my family, I was lucky to make it out alive!

But I am. Alive.

I’ve recently rediscovered the love of life that made me start this blog in the first place. I’ve read books, I’ve been to beautiful places (Paris is gorgeous but not in 30 degree heat) and experienced lovely things in my time away. I even got my first tan at age 27! Never say never! I’ve also changed and grown as a person physically. Last time I wrote, I was halfway through my weight loss journey. I’ve lost another, what, 20lbs since then, I don’t know? Crazy, right? I have also trained myself to not one but two Kickboxing belts and hopefully a third in October but I won’t be sad if I don’t go for it. I have even worn a bikini on the beach for the first time in recent memory, the last being on holiday when I was 17.

Life has been hard, but it has been good to me and I really really want to make this work this time round so please, please, pleeeeease kick my rear end if I go dark side again.


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