Food: Grin and Bear it.

Dried fruit is not a new concept. The availability of it in snack sized bags and variety beyond raisins and sultanas is. I love Holland and Barrett as much as the next ‘health nut’ but sometimes it’s painful to eek out my cash card for a £1.49 Nakd bar. However, it wasn’t on a snack stock up I was on that I found my salvation. Post training I was craving something to eat – to do actually – and I picked up a strawberry Bear fruit winder in Sainsbury’s. I remember fruit winders, the glorious glucose elastic-y things that they were. Except these were healthy. Made of fruit, and only fruit. Strawberries, pears and apples, that was it. Two rolls in a pack at 27cals each, I was in love. I could eat and not mess up my then all important calorie counting*.

That was it. Bear was on my radar.

Suddenly, Bear was everywhere, and the place with the most variety? Primark. Any budget shopper knows the Mecca that is Primark. But now it had clothes, homeware, and healthy eating? This truly is heaven. Sure, there are terrible things like Maom and diabetes if you go top shelf but go lower and there is all kinds of goodies like Nakd, Trek and Bear. That’s where I found these bad boys. Dried strawberries and cherries in a snack size bag, perfect for my bus trip home. I also got some fruit ‘feet’ that I had never seen before too because who doesn’t love to match their food to the back of packets like a 8 year old? I went home happier and with a sense of accomplishment. I was hungry and I had found the best option.

I know this seems somewhat superficial, but it can be really difficult to make healthy choices when everywhere you go is filled with junk. In fact, it’s disheartening. No one wants to bring snacks from home that get all manky and gross because there’s nothing they want to eat where they’re going. Or to get caught ‘hangry’ or even worse, with anxiety induced by low blood sugar. The presence of Bear is proof that we can have healthy foods alongside ‘naughty foods’ – I don’t think there are naughty foods, just ones you should have less –  and everyone can be happy.

*That is another, longer, post.


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